Marketing Mix Modeling in 7-18 Weeks

Learn by doing.

 Practice new skills every week by solving real problems for fictional companies, with expert tutorials, templates and scripts.

What is Marketing Mix Modeling?

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) was introduced in the 1980s to match spikes and dips in sales to actions taken in marketing (as well as external factors).

  • Make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your media budget
  • Works even for hard to measure channels like TV, podcasts, and influencers
  • No user data needed, so it's not affected by iOS14, GDPR, and adblockers

Previously used mostly by Fortune 500 advertisers spending millions on SuperBowl ads, MMM is now being reinvented by companies like Facebook (Meta), Uber, and Google.

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Marketing Mix Modeling In Excel / GSheets (in 7 Weeks)

Follow our Marketing Mix Modeling learning path, which takes you through 7 courses to master the basics. You'll be assigned tasks for fictional companies based on real-world experiences, and get to practice on simulated data before applying your new skills back at your normal job.

Cover the Basics of MMM

Week 4: Diminishing Returns
Are channels saturated at high spend?
Week 5: Seasonality
Do you sell more when there's hot weather?
Week 6: Externalities
How do you account for COVID?
Week 7: Dummy Variables
What about holidays and promotions?

"The real value in this course is that Michael is an actual practitioner - he's not just teaching MMM, but a better way to handle large marketing data sets."

Conrad Wadowski
Founder of Advice, Teachable, GrowHack

"It's rare to have a marketing genius like Mike taking the time to share his secret weapons which allowed him to scale a 45+ person world-class agency. Trust me, his course is worth every cent."

Johannes Radig
Growth Marketer at PayPal, Truly and mentor at 500Startups

"“The marketing process requires a) smart strategy, b) well thought out tests, then c) collection and analysis of data. Part c) quickly becomes very time-consuming - and there’s only so much you can do in Excel. That’s where Vexpower comes in.”"

Will Bancroft
Head of Marketing at Newswhip, Openfolio
“The best part was that I could complete it in 2 hours. I got buy-in from my team to run the experiment and we went live with it within the same week. No month-long courses to comb through.”
Khushi Lunkad
Growth Marketing Lead at Streamline
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$35/m for unlimited access to 18 Marketing Mix Modeling courses (plus 70 more!).

Meet Your Instructor: Michael Taylor

I've built Marketing Mix Models for Monzo Bank,, Time Out, The AA, Playground Sessions,, Breeo, Groove Life, Brandfolder, Growth Tribe & others. I've also advised Google, Appsflyer, & Recast on MMM, and teach the MMM course on LinkedIn Learning.

Advanced Learner? 👇

Marketing Mix Modeling In Python & R (+11 Weeks)

For advanced users who are learning to code and want to dive deeper into MMM, we have 11 more courses you can take to really master the topic. You'll learn everything from using popular libraries like Facebook (Meta) Robyn, to coding your own custom tool, including the custom scripts I use for my own consulting work.

Alternative Types of MMM

Week 11: Log Log MMM
Handle multiple variable interactions
Week 12: Geo Level MMM
Solve for the 'not enough data' problem
Week 13: Bayesian MMM
Avoid implausible model results
Week 14: Deep Learning MMM
Use AI for automated feature selection

Advanced MMM Techniques

Week 15: Interaction Effects
Account for variables that affect each other
Week 16: Feature Selection
Find what variables are important to include
Week 17: Budget Optimization
Decide how much to spend in each channel
Week 18: Weibull Adstocks
Account for lagged effect of advertising
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$35/m for unlimited access to 18 Marketing Mix Modeling courses (plus 70 more!).