Prompt Engineering can answer the question...

"How reliable are my AI responses?"

Forget trial and error.

 Prompt engineering helps you make data-driven decisions on what instructions perform best for your business goals.

What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt engineering, now vital in generative AI, began in the early days of natural language processing (NLP). It initially involved crafting queries to get desired responses from AI systems. With the rise of large language models like OpenAI's GPT-3 in 2020, and Stable Diffusion in 2022, the practice became more sophisticated, highlighting the importance of precise prompts for accurate outputs. This led to prompt engineering becoming a formal discipline, focusing on designing inputs to guide AI effectively. Today, it's essential for leveraging AI's potential in various applications, emphasizing clarity and contextual alignment in prompt creation.
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Learn Prompt Engineering in 20 Weeks
What task are you trying to accomplish?

Define your inputs and outputs

What does good performance look like?

Collect examples of the task done well.

Test and learn what works for your business goals

Optimize based on your evaluation benchmarks.

The 5 Principles of Prompting

1. Give Direction

Describe the desired style in detail

, or reference a relevant persona.
2. Specify Format

Define what rules to follow

, and the required structure of the response.
3. Provide Examples

Insert a diverse set of test cases

where the task was done correctly.
4. Evaluate Quality

Identify errors and rate responses

, testing what drives performance.
4. Divide Labor

Split tasks into multiple steps

, chained together for complex goals.
performance gain from prompting and adding examples
Language Models are Few-Shot Learners, Brown et al.
examples needed for fine-tuning to beat prompting
How Many Data Points is a Prompt Worth?, Scao et al.
"In ten years, half of the world's jobs will be in prompt engineering, and those who cannot write prompts will be obsolete."
Robin Liu

“Programming moving from curating datasets to curating prompts to make the meta learner "get" the task it's supposed to be doing”

"The world’s best people managers get 100x leverage.The worlds best prompt engineers will also get 100x leverage. Prompt engineering is far from dead."

Logan Kilpatrick
Former Developer Relations OpenAI
Learn Prompt Engineering in 20 Weeks
AI Agents
Prompt Engineering
Benefits & Limitations
Reliable Performance
Mitigate Hallucinations
Up-to-date Information
Cheap Training Costs
Cheap Running Costs
Easy Setup

Problems That Prompt Engineering Can Solve

How do I stop my AI hallucinating?
Testing new prompt strategies and implementing techniques like retrieval augmented generation (RAG) can help minimize mistakes.
How often does my model get things wrong?
One of the most important parts of a prompt engineer’s job is figuring out creative ways to measure the performance of its AI responses.
How do I improve the accuracy of my model?
There are over 1,500 prompt engineering techniques documented in popular scientific papers, and having someone who knows the best techniques can help you improve performance quickly.
Can I get this working with an open source model?
Smaller models like Mistral and Llama tend to need more prompt engineering to get working reliably, so knowing how to prompt well can help you cut costs for your business.
What types of things does the model fail at?
Knowing all the edge cases gives you an idea of what type of things your AI tool is good and bad at, and what you need to test for.

Hiring Prompt Engineers.

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Learn Prompt Engineering in 20 Weeks

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